Friday, 13 November 2009

Newcastle United story: 1st season: Introduction

Hello and welcome to my first story in Football Manager 2010! 140 of you voted, and by 2 votes, Newcastle United came out the winner. So when I bought FM10 on Saturday, I loaded up Newcastle, and began playing.

I thought that Newcastle would have quite a bit of cash to spend, but apparently not, a £0 transfer budget and a wage bill that is £2k/w over budget. I would have to use my free transfer skills like I did with Southampton, but for some reason Stephen Appiah doesn't exist in this game! I would have to scout some new players, maybe even take some on loan. Despite this lack of funds though, the board expect me to win the league at a minimum. Baptism of fire or what!

I, and my assistant manager, think that the squad is not good enough to guarantee promotion this season, especially as we have sold a lot of good players over the summer. Obafemi Martins, Michael Owen, Damien Duff, Sebastian Bassong, Mark Viduka and Habib Beye were all Premier League standard players who would have definitely helped us to promotion, but with them gone, we have a very average squad.

If your best striker is Shola Ameobi and Joey Barton is one of your most valuable players, you know you’re in trouble. I simply hope I can get rid of some of the overpaid ones, so our wage bill can come down.

Anyway, onto the club information page, and surprise surprise, we are predicted to be first place.

Though at least our chairman is looking to step down, so hopefully if we can get some rich businessmen in, I can at least be given a few million to spend! We have almost £100m debt, which could be a big worry in the long run if we can’t get promoted soon. If the parachute payments stop, we could be in for administration. Again, no pressure!

Anyway, that is it for my first Newcastle post. I will have one up when transfers and pre-season is finished. Until then, good bye!


  1. Tough job!

    Good luck!

  2. That's some pretty tough circumstances. Didn't realise Newcastle were in that much trouble.

    Be interesting to see your dealings in the transfer market. Good Luck.

  3. Cheers guys, yeah I thought Newcastle would have some dosh for me to spend, but apparently not! I can exclusively reveal that I had an extremely tough time in the transfer market :(

    New post up in a few days.

  4. yer I was manager of Newcastle as well and I only signed one player. The good thing is that you will probabally get taken over at some point in the season.

    Hope the next blog is soon

  5. Im doing the same, quite an interesting read.

    My first season I sold butt, geremi, harper and colocinni to free up wages.

    I bought a old brazillian forward called Riki who is scoring goals all over the place.

    Bought Milner back when i got promoted, along with Vincent Kompany CB and McShane at RB.

    Oh and Carrol scores goals every game if played regularly and im using Krul as first choice keeper.

    2nd or 3rd season, Nile Ranger sells for 10m +

  6. R u ever gonna post?