Monday, 13 July 2009

QPR Story: 6th season: Nearing the end...

Hello everyone, and welcome to my penultimate (second to last) QPR post! I have to hurry this blog up, seeing as I have to start on Wednsday, so hurry up and get voting in the poll! Anyway, in my last post, I was 4th in the league, and in the 1st knockout round of the UEFA Cup, along with a 5th round FA Cup tie with Wolves. Here are my results since then:

Some very bad results there, but also some very good ones. West Brom was a terrible result, nothing went right for us at all. We were knocked out of the FA Cup by Wolves, after being 4-0 down at half time. A spirited fightback could not get us through, and nor could it spare the players a real rollocking at full time. I was absolutely furious! Blackburn, Everton and especially Swansea were disappointments too, as I expected us to win all 3 games. But oh well, we won all the rest! Highlights were the away game against Brondby, the Man Utd thrashing, Werder Bremen away and Newcastle. I think this is the first time I have done the double over Newcastle, and I am absolutely loving it! Lets see how this got me in the table:

Still 4th place, but Aston Villa and Manchester City are really closing in on my Champions League spot. I also have to face both of them in my last 7 games, along with Arsenal, Liverpool and Bolton (always a tough game). It's certainly not an easy run in, which makes me regret the draws and losses above even more. I really want to get that 4th place in my final season with QPR, I have spent a lot of money (albeit with player sales, the spending is just under £70m) and I really want to get it for the fans and readers. But my next match is away to Athletico Bilbao in the UEFA Cup Quarter-Final, so I have to concentrate on that most. Anyway, onto player ratings:

As you can see, I have gone through a little injury crisis, with this being the most players I've had available for months now! I even have had to bring in Marius Niculae from the reserves to play alongside Hobbit Bermudez in attack because of the amount of injuries. And then he got injured too! Crazy. Anyway, I shall give you the stats. Top scorer is Keirrison with 20 goals in 34 starts. Second is Pato with 15 in 28 starts (2 months out with injury), and third is amazingly central defender Sokratis Papastathopoulos with 10 goals in 37 starts. Top assister is Ashley Young with an incredible 24 in 42 starts. Second is Franco Zuculini with 13 in 44. Third is Hobbit Bermudez with 9 assists in 26 starts. Top rating goes to Franco Zuculini with a fantastic average of 7.34. Second is Ashley Young with 7.31 and third is Chris Burke on a great 7.29. I have not done this before, but I am going to do passing statistics now. Top passer is Pato with a fantastic 79% of his passes reaching their mark. Second is Keirrison with an equally impressive 78% and third is Christos Oikonomou on 76%. Our strikers have very good passing it seems.

Anyway, that is it for my penultimate post, final one should be up by Wednsday! Take care.


  1. 2-2 ???


    Still bottom...


    4th isn't too far away from my challenge to you!

    Last post on Wednesday???

    So, they aren't looking for any more bloggers? Darn.
    Well, I would've liked to have been one...

    Well, I wish you all the luck on your new blog!
    How can it be played on FM09; then FM10? new game?

  2. Haha Liam, ah well, this will be the last season of torture for Swansea, I am sure that when I am with Southampton (looking increasingly likely) that they will do brilliantly!

    Unfortunately not Liam, but I shall still put in a good word for you. Until I recieve any news though, keep posting your blog, maybe they might notice you!

    Thanks Liam, and yeah a new game. FM10 comes out in October I think so I have plenty of time to go places with the team you choose for me.

    By the way, you know I am still posting on here right? I will copy and paste and stuff, so don't stop reading this blog!

  3. Yeah, yeah, I know you'll still be on this site - which I'm glad about.
    Perhaps you'll be able to buy th eplayers I recommended earlier = cheaper!
    So, will it be a link, or a complete, "proper" post? (like the ones you do now)
    So, is it Southampton?
    Cheers, I will be, urr, "Looking to impress any visiting scouts" (please, forgive my pun...) by doing good blogging. I'll do more in-depth posts - like yours - when I catch up with myself.
    FM10 is in October? Cool.
    Sadly, I'm not sure if I'll buy it - I'm torn between buying each game, or, to play every other game for two years (so I'll be able to do, like, 8 seasons, or so).

    What do you think of my 2nd season?

  4. I shall definately check them out Liam, and probably take a lot of tips from my QPR story. I plan on getting Keirrison, Ochoa, Papastathopoulos, Rafhael maybe and a few others before they become good. Of course I won't make it a QPR team like I have now, but I definately will take some ideas from it.

    It will be a proper post like I do now, I will also provide a link if anyone wants to see it on a different background haha.

    Well, as Southampton is in the lead across 3 polls (here, Football Manager Portal, and BBC 606) by 4 votes, and I stop the polls on Wednesday, it seems likely that it will be Southampton. Ipswich are making a bit of a return though, 5 votes on 606 and 1 vote on Football Manager Portal coupled with 2 on here make it 8. Ah hell, I'll post a little leaderboard:

    Southampton - 13 votes
    Hull City - 10 votes
    Ipswich Town - 8 votes
    Charlton Athletic - 2 votes
    Norwich City - 1 vote

    Seeing as voting on 606 has now ended, we are left with 2 sites to make up 4 votes for Hull, or 6 votes for Ipswich. Somehow, I can't see that happening.

    About your second season, I think it's absolutely amazing that you got to 4th place in the Premier League first season after being promoted! It has taken me 5 seasons since I got promoted and I still am not sure if I will or not!

  5. Well, I think you will have a super team within a few seasons, however, I warn you, big clubs will put offers in for your best players, and they won't like you if you decline them!

    XD I'm glad that you're continuing on this blog.

    Lol, a leaderboard. Well, good luck with Southampton, Hull or Ipswich (is it too late for me to change my vote to Norwich? XD).

    Thanks, I'm just glad that you get loads of cash by getting promoted - that's where most of the money to get my new team comes from!

    Oh, another tidbit -
    3rd season, I signed at least 20 players!

  6. Well done Mike. :)

    I see you start on Wednesday :) I start on the 15th August cause of my holidays. Anyway, have you got your new email address?? for the blog?
    I havent.

    Stevie Mitchell

  7. Where are your polls in FM Portal????

  8. Stevie, yeah I was due to start on Monday the 20th, but it got moved to Wednesday unfortunately. What new email address by the way?

    My poll is in the story section in the forum. iMike is my username there.

  9. Well, the guys that gave me the interview sent me and you an email about us getting new emails for replying to the commenters but i dont know.

    Ok, i will vote. Anyway what wednesday?

  10. Ah well, making a new email shouldn't be too difficult should it!

    This Wednesday, so the day after tomorrow I have to have started my story :(

    Ah well, QPR just has to be a little rushed!

  11. It certainly is Liam, and I am sad to say I have finished the season. Would you like the post today, or tomorrow?

  12. wat about luton i hear they have 19 votes ???

  13. Haha conor we have discussed this ;)

    Anyway, who wants the post now or tomorrow?

  14. Now it is conor, and LTFC would be a good challenge, but I would not want to play them for fear of alienating my readers.

  15. how dare you...they would be more interested as league 2 is a higher standar of league

  16. also im entering my 3rd month in charge of sheff utd i couldnt play yesterday though

  17. i was doubting seb abreu but thank you for convincing me he is a proven success

  18. Well done conor, keep up the Sheffield United story lad. And no problem on Abreu :)

  19. yeah 7.86 average rating and joint 2nd top goalscorer

  20. id like my images of fixtures larger but i already expanded in word and selected large.