Saturday, 6 June 2009

QPR Story: 4th season: End of 4th season!

Hello everyone. Now in my last post we were 11th after having a terrible run of games, which was only brightened up by the League Cup victory. I am pleased to announce that we steadied the ship for the final 11 games, and had some good results. Have a look:

Some decent results there. The Portsmouth game was the most pleasing for me, purely because it was our first win in 9 games! Apart from that, Middlesbrough and West Brom were good away wins, and our last win was a demolition of Wigan, with Rafael Van Der Vaart grabbing 2 goals. Unfortunately I already accepted a £5.75m bid for his services from Werder Bremen so I would not witness him taking apart a record setting relegation team again. Somehow I am not too unhappy. Disapponting results included Reading at home, Chelsea at home (we beat them 5-1 in the reverse!) and the 4-1 beating at the hands of Newcastle. Liverpool was a vastly encouraging game, seeing as we scored 4 against a top team. Defence is definately an issue I intend to sort out in the summer, and along with a striker and an AMC, we should really become a great team for next season. Moving on, here is the league table, and it certainly is a position I am very happy with:

Surprise surprise, Arsenal win the league again! Wigan, Hull and Birmingham all go down, no major surprises there either. In between, on the other hand, there are a few surprising names. Recently relegated (in real life) Newcastle hold the 5th spot, Chelsea have dropped down to 9th, Wolves and West Brom are comfortably above the relegation places, and my QPR team are 10th! Another surprise is that table toppers Arsenal have actually been pushed hard this season, Liverpool breathing down their necks, and in the end only 2 points away. No such luck for the 2 Manchester clubs, being 9 and 11 points off 1st place respectively.

Now onto player ratings for the season. Top scorer is Kevin Doyle with an impressive 26. Second place goes to Marius Niculae with 13 and Ashley Young with 9*. Top assister is Ashley Young with 22*, Chris Burke and Hobbit Bermudez both grabbing 17. Top 3 ratings go like this; Chris Burke leading with 7.31, Joe Mattock and Ashley Young both getting an impressive 7.24.(*Ashley Young has been injured for 10 games out of our 11)

Before I leave you, I bring news from my Ivory Coast sideshow. My first 4 results have all brought comprehensive wins, although they were all against international minnows. We have a very weak World Cup qualifying group, and I fully expect us to win every game. There is one concern however; we have no goalkeeper. Now this is not a joke, I actually have no proper goalkeeper. Not even in the reserves or the U-18's. Thankfully we have a defender with a goalkeeper rating of 2, but this really worries me as we will not be able to progress very far in the World Cup itself with no registered goalie! Hopefully until then one will pop up from the U-18's or something, because otherwise I am pretty much screwed!

Anyway, this is where I leave you, so thanks for reading and a new post will be coming soon!


  1. No goalie for the Ivory Coast???

    Check out your national pool, or go to the search screen and look for all of the ivorians - there must be at least one!!

  2. Have you gone to player search and searched nationality "Ivory Coast".

    The bollocks thing is, that if their 2nd nationality is Ivory Coast for example, & they are uncapped, you can ask them to play unless they are declared to the county.

    I don't see why sega or sigames make it an option to ask the player if they want to represent the country in question!

  3. sorry, "you CAN'T* ask them to play unless they are declared"

  4. Boys if you want to see a real team check out my most recent post on the "4th Season Inconsistant Start" blog.