Sunday, 31 May 2009

QPR Story: 4th season: Terrible results

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. Now when I posted last, we were 9th in the Premier League and closing in on 8th. We were in the 1st knockout round of the UEFA Cup, practically in the League Cup final and in the 4th round of the FA Cup. Things were looking rosy! Unfortunately, a catastrophic run of results followed, and for 11 games it looked like we were in freefall. Take a look:

2 wins in 13, none of which were in the Premier League. We may have won the League Cup (after extra time it has to be said) and won the second leg against Bordeaux, but apart from those games we were absolutely appalling. My January signings were not performing that well (but the 4 youngsters had an excuse; being inexperienced). Rafael Van der Vaart was playing terribly, and had contributed no assists or goals in his 12 appearances, which is frankly pathetic for a man whose position is AMC and is supposedly one of the best Dutch players. Will I ever find a decent AMC to contest Jack Wilshere?? Moving on now, here is the Premier League table, which is actually not as bad as I thought it would be! Take a look:

11th, and 1 game in hand on 10th (but look how well that turned out last time!) which puts us in mid table obscurity. I think if our form picks up in the last 11 games (plus we have no distractions from the UEFA/League/FA Cup) then we can easily achieve a top 10 finish but if things go on the way they are....

Now to give you some player ratings. Top scorer goes to Kevin Doyle with 20 goals, with Marius Niculae on 10 and Ashley Young on 9. Top assister is Young, with an amazing 21, with Hobbit Bermudez and Chris Burke trailing way behind on 13 and 10 respectively. Best rating goes to Ashley Young (again!) with 7.35, Joe Mattock and Chris Burke completing the top 3 with 7.29 and 7.27. Worst 3 players are January signing Rafael Van der Vaart (6.35), Mourad Meghni (6.44) and fellow January signing Christos Oikonomou (6.53). I think I shall have to sell Van der Vaart and Meghni in the summer for as much money as I can, because these guys are seriously bad! Coupled with the arranged sale of back-up keeper Bogdan Lobont for £3m, I should be able to get around £10m, which would bring my total remaining budget to £32m. If the board give me some more money I will think about buying a big name player for AMC, seeing as that is the problem area. Hopefully qualifying for the UEFA Cup again through the League Cup will attract the big names!

Speaking of the League Cup, congratulations to my team for winning it, QPR's first trophy for over 30 years! It was 0-0 after 90 minutes, but Viktor Boudianski and Kevin Doyle struck late in extra time to give us this amazing win. It caused me to look at what I have achieved with QPR so far, and I feel I have done a great job! Got us promoted, kept us in the Premier League, on course for a mid table finish, got into Europe, bought some excellent players and finally, won the League Cup. Couple that with getting Cameroon to the World Cup final and Bosnia Herzegovina to the brink of Euro 2012 qualification, and you have a pretty decent record there don't you!

On that note, I am proud to say that I have taken over as manager of Ivory Coast, a very good African team with very very very good players, much better than Cameroon or Bosnia. I shall try to lead this team to World Cup qualification, and to go one step better than I did with Cameroon. Wish me luck! That is it for this post, next one coming very soon!


  1. So, this is your, what, 3rd International club??!


    Well, I was offered somewhere in Africa, but declined -I didn't kno you could do a Hiddink!!

    Well, good luch with the Ivory Coast. And I'm sure you'll do fine for the rest of the season. BUT don't sell the january signings yet - they haven't had time to gel... probably.

    Have you checked out Thiago Neves?

  2. Yeah, I am not really that loyal when it comes to International teams! Unfortunately I have had to sell Van Der Vaart, as this "time to gel" thing can't be an excuse for him; he played 3 years at Chelsea so surely he is adapted to the English League by now!

    And on Thiago Neves, he is at a good price, but we just don't interest him at this moment in time. But there is a young AMC which I have my eye on who will definately solve all my problems...stick around to find out who it is!