Saturday, 9 May 2009

QPR Story: 4th season: Inconsistant start

Hello everyone, hope you are well. Now when I wrote my last post, I had just enjoyed a fantastic pre-season, getting into the group stages of the UEFA Cup. I had just one bad result, a loss to Aston Villa in the opening game of the Premier League. Confidence was still at a maximum, and although we had lost a few key players, our ins were decent, and showed this in the pre-season. Little did I know that the start of the season would be the most inconsistent I have had in any Football Manager. Take a look at our results:

As you can see, our UEFA Cup form and our Premier League form contrasted massively, and although we picked up in the last 2 games, it still does not make happy reading. Fellow relegation battlers Wolves, Hull and Everton were not dispatched, and the draw against Sunderland coupled with the crushing defeat at Manchester City proved a little hard to take, considering our near perfect pre-season. On the other hand, we demolished Osasuna (4th in La Liga!) 3-0, dominated Cardiff 4-2, and beat Le Mans Union Club 1-0, all in Cup competitions. Our draw with Fenerbahce was a little odd, with us being dominated up until the 80th minute, where we got a goal. Then we started dominating, and conceded against the run of play in the 94th minute! Odd match, but I am more than happy with a point against them. Our last 4 games look very impressive, 1-1 against table-toppers Arsenal, the win against Le Mans, and our first 2 Premier League victories over Reading and Middlesbrough. Speaking of, here are the tables for the Premier League and the UEFA Cup group stage:

As you can see, the inconsistency is summed up here with the 2 tables. If we had hung on against Fenerbahce we would have been almost certain to qualify for the knockout stages! The Premier League tells a different story, and before the Arsenal game we were a lowly 18th, 1 point away from safety. Thankfully we have picked up and now we are 12th with 12 points. We have Birmingham and West Brom next in the Premier League and if we win those 2, then I believe we can be somewhere around 10th place, which would be good considering where we were a few games ago.

Now, onto player ratings. Kevin Doyle is top scorer, with 8 goals, Ashley Young has grabbed second with an impressive 6 to his name, and Marius Niculae completes the top 3 with 6 as well. Top assister goes to Ashley Young, with an incredible 12. Way behind are the injured pair of Hobbit Bermudez (6) and Chris Burke (5). Best player ratings are Ashley Young (again) with 7.51, Chris Burke second with 7.40 and Joe Mattock third with 7.39. Worst players are Mourad Meghni (6.33), Gerson (6.55) and amazingly Jack Wilshere (6.77).

Now thats all for now folks, but an update on my Bosnia Herzegovina story coming very very soon!

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  1. I'm not a blog man myself, i have a life (outside work that is, and am are a fair few years older than you)


    Team: Tottenham

    1st Season: 3rd Place
    2nd Season: 1st Place, League Cup & FA Cup

    Team that won the treble:

    LB: Bale
    RB: Hutton
    CB: Caceres
    CB: Corluka
    CM: Gago
    CM: Kuzmanovic
    ALM: Modric
    ARM: Bentley
    ACM: Owen
    ST: Bent

    Leo Franco
    Dos Santos

    3rd Season Signings: Robinho, Adriano (free), Shwaab, Kerrison, Ramies & Not quite sure of name, but young CM/DM from Atalanta, he's one of those computer generated faces, so no doubt he isn't real.

    - Also you can see I have a scary Brazilian them amongst my team, the copa america will kill me -

    Also note my brilliant aray of youth players ready to break the XI: Bostock, Fleck, Doran, R. Sniejder, Tozer & Wijnaldum.

    Pogrebnyak was sold for £10m (buy back price of £12m incase he decides to do well for Lyon - bastard) - Note of caution, he has good stats, but hits every shot over the bar.

    Bent was also sold for £10m & bit part players were also sold in Huddlestone, Lennon & O'hara.

    *TIP* if you want a good dog like worker in midfield who will always test the keeper, buy Palacious. He also has a great impact on the playing staff