Saturday, 9 May 2009

QPR Story: Bosnia Herzegovina: Euro 2012 Qualification

Hello everyone. Now I mentioned some time ago that I became manager of Bosnia Herzegovina as well as QPR. When I took over we were 6th in qualifying and needed some wins to achieve the Bosnian FA's unrealistic ambition to qualify. I was in charge of 6 games, all qualifying games as I cancelled the friendlies. Here are my results:

Quite frankly, I think I have done an excellent job, with particular results against France, Ireland and Serbia (second game) pleasing me to no end. Unfortunately, after all this we only finished 3rd in our qualification table, on head to head results against Greece (2 losses when I wasn't there). Take a look:

Better goal difference, same points, and more goals scored. Greece still pipped us to it, getting an undeserved win over Serbia the week before, with a last gasp winner. If they had drewn, I would still be in a job. Yes, thats right, they fired me. They need to calm their ambitions, as nobody is going to take THAT team to a major tournament (best player worth £4m). I took them as far as they would go, and they sacked me for it. Oh well, now I can find another national team to manage!

Anyway, that's it for now, next QPR post coming up soon!


  1. unlucky just remember- that was the position england got in euro 08 lol

  2. hey.. its been a long times since your last post. where have you been.. if you have times, come visit my blog and leave comments. i appreciate it so much..TQ..

  3. Morning -

    You're 1st ever fan commenting again.

    Why did you change Harrisons name? Takes away any day dream realism you could have had...

    Don't quit QPR until you get the boot you can be the SAF of QPR.
    Spend the cash you collected in Jan, I take it being so far into your game you missed the chance to sign John Fleck from Rangers?

  4. Hello everyone, apologies for it being so long since my last post, I am on holiday in sunny Sweden!

    George: Didn't England finish lower on points than Russia though? We came even closer but still failed :(

    Fikri: As mentioned above, I have been in Sweden but hope to release a new post within 2 days of my return!

    Kyle: Ego, my friend, ego. I thought "as he is a regen player, his name doesn't matter because he is not going to be in anyone elses game right?

    Also, no I shall not quit QPR, but my board are slightly unhappy at my performance this season, although we are on the acendancy! And regarding John Fleck, he is at Ipswich now so I could easily sign him, but Ashley Young and Hobbit Bermudez are much better than him, and my scouts say that he is not going to get much better. Ah well.

    Regards, Mike.

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  6. your doing well, especially if you are QPR, i have got a new football manager blog if you are intrested

  7. Wow, I've just read your entire blog in around an hour, or so, and I really like it. Out of the FM blogs I've seen, your blog is second only to Vitaliy's.

    You two have really inspired me to make my own blog, but I have a problem in my game:
    I'm in my 3rd season, but my brother is also manager of Man City, and he uses their extra money to buy my youth team off of me, which is instantly accepted, so I'm super-rich.
    What should I do? I don't want to be called a cheater...

    Also, try to pick up Marquinhos, he's class.

  8. Anonymous, try starting a new game and asking your brother to play a seperate game, that way you cannot be called a cheater or such.

    And as for Marquinhos, he is good but I do have some very good attacking midfielders, do I really need him?

    Regards, Mike

  9. This is the same anon:

    But, I'm in my 3rd season, and have been plying since XMas. Should I just wait until I can start my 4th season? This wouldn't feel... complete. I would also still be fairly rich and have all my great players. Maybe I'll start a blog at the beggining of my 4th season; kick my brother off. Should I do this?

    Also, yes, get him - he is a brilliant striker, you see, also. Very skillful.

    Oh, another great player is PER CILJAN SKJELBRED. It says he's an AM(C), but he plays better as a MC. Absolute quality, young (Still early 20s in my 3rd season) and dead cheap, I think I only signed him for around 2.1 mil

  10. hello again I am sorry but my blog address has changed so can you follow this new one and post a comment or 2 thank you all in advance

  11. Anonymous, I think it doesn't matter as long as you kick your brother off! Man City get a lot of money anyway (being the richest club in the world) so nobody will label you something unkind.

    If you are going to start from the 4th season though, make sure you recap the first 3 and post tables at least!

    George, I shall follow your blog seeing as you are following mine, so good luck on it!

    Regards, Mike

  12. Thanks for reassuring me, Mike.

    I'll start a blog up just as a finish my 3rd season.

    Also, have you checked out Skjelbred yet?

  13. Its perfectly fine Anon :) I shall be looking forward to it!

    And regards to Skjelbred, I am still on holiday, but when I get home it shall be high on my to-do list! :D

    Regards, Mike

  14. I'm the ANON.

    Just made my blog!!

    It probably won't be updated much to start, though, I'm Mid-October at the mo...