Saturday, 30 May 2009

QPR Story: 4th season: Winter Results + Transfers

Hello all, sorry for not posting for a while! I have  been on holiday in Sweden, so was unable to play or post. But i'm back now, and with a new post of the next 15 games of my QPR career, plus winter transfers! Without further ado, here is my results for the midway point of the 4th season:

 As you can see, it was a very successful 15 games, with 10 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses; top 4 form! Highlights were a fantastic 5-1 derby win over Chelsea (away from home no less!), a 4-1 crushing of top Turkish side Fernebahce, a 3-0 pounding of Wigan away, and a suberb comeback against West Brom in the League Cup semi final 1st leg. Disappointing results were few and far between, but the loss against Osasuna hurt, because we had beaten them 3-0 at home and we had taken the lead. Tottenham wasn't the best either, but we managed to keep the score respectable; 3-1 isn't that bad!

We also got into the semi finals of the League Cup, and we are looking on course for a place in the final after beating West Brom 3-1. We will face either Man City or Newcastle, which will be a difficult game no matter which team goes through. But I am very happy as we are at Wembley for the second time in my career (Championship play-off Final) and we have a great chance of winning a trophy! Moving on now, here are the tables for the Premier League and the UEFA Cup:

It's fair to say things were looking very good for us at this point. 9th in the Premier League with a game in hand, and 1st in our UEFA Cup group with 11 points and a good goal difference. We are in the League Cup final and still in the FA Cup, which could be a tough ask for my threadbare squad. I have made some transfers, mostly hot youngsters that can be very good in a few years. Take a look:


Peter Crouch was really underperforming so I sold him off quickly while he still had a good value. In his place, I brought in 4 promising youngsters and Rafael Van der Vaart, a dutch maestro from Chelsea. Mourad Meghni was doing terrible, so he is there to replace him and teach Jack Wilshere a few tricks! Out of the youngsters, I rate Jose Luis the highest, being a top quality left winger at the age of 17. He already has great physical stats, and decent technical ones, which will only improve over time. I am pretty happy with the transfer window, and hopefully it will work out for me during the course of the season! For now, I shall go, but a new post is coming very soon!


  1. how come on your transfer list it says on the OUTS it says crouch got sold for 5mil but the total is 60million?

    by the great blog and good luck

  2. George, it is the total for the whole season. In the summer my out total was £55m apparently.

    Regards, Mike.

  3. Good, and relatively cheap stuff!!

    Seriously, check out Per Ciljan Skjelbred, or have you already?

  4. LiamTheWelshman, Skjelbred is a great player, but he is unfortunately out of my reach. Worth £20m and belonging to Roma, he will not contemplate coming to us (scout report). If we get into the UEFA Cup again, then maybe he will consider us?

  5. Whoah, what?!

    Skjelbred's moved on, then.

    In my game, he was at some Norweigen (whoops, bd spelling) club, and worth around 2.1mil...

    Sorry 'bout that.