Friday, 3 July 2009

QPR Story: 5th season: Mixed finish

Hello everyone, hope you are well. In my last post I was riding high in the league, in 5th place with 2 games in hand on 3rd and 4th, and in the quarter final of the UEFA Cup. And without further ado, let's see how the end of the season panned out:

A really mixed finish to the season to be honest. A fantastic run to the final of the UEFA Cup was countered by a disappointing finish to the Premier League. In particular, Chelsea, Manchester United, Blackburn, Everton and Manchester City (twice) were the most disappointing, because in every one of those games except for Man City (both times) we were well in the game, and really could have won the game. Unfortunately we couldn't manage it. On the plus side, a 6-2 aggregate win over Sampdoria (who were favourites in the pre-match analysis in both games) really impressed me, along with the home leg for the Aston Villa game. Reading at home also pleased me, seeing as we have developed a rivalry of sorts in the past few years. Anyway, onto the league table, and it's bad news:

Disappointing that we could only get 5th, and the Everton match where we completely dominated them springs to mind as the exact point of our demise. Before the game we were comfortably 4th, 4 points ahead of Liverpool with just 2 games to go. A win would have guaranteed 4th place, but alas it was not to be.

Anyway, onto player ratings. Marius Niculae is our top scorer, with 22 goals overall despite a dreadful second half of the season. Ashley Young came second with an impressive 15, and Keirrison comes third with a decent 11. Top assister goes to Ashley Young with a terrific 24, with Chris Burke and Georginio Wijnaldum completing the top 3 with 14 and 13 respectively. Top rating goes to Ashley Young with an overall rating of 7.40. Second is Franco Zuculini with 7.36 and Keirrison completes the trio with 7.33.

Before I go, I would like to post a screenshot of the Swansea team at the beginning of the 2013/2014 season. They have been promoted to the Premier League via the playoffs after coming 6th, so they have made a few good additions. Here they are:

Eat your heart out LiamTheWelshman! In all seriousness, they have a pretty decent squad, and with a few good signings, who knows where they will end up next season! Still hope to do the double over them though, haha. Anyway, that's it for this post, next one coming up in a few days.


  1. I'm sorry about the finish of your season, but 5th is still very well done!

    what do you plan on doing in the Summer? (Transfer wise, that is).

    Cheers for the Swansea team! Looks like we'll go down, though, half of those players are not premiership standard; their mostly in defence...
    You probably will do a double over us, too, with your beastly team. Also, Tudor Jones is most expensive? WHAT?
    What do you make of Michael Owen (in real life)?

  2. Yeah Liam, 5th is still very good considering I selected a top 8 finish, and the UEFA Cup final was a real surprise, but I can't help but feel a little disappointed.

    Transfer wise, I have already done most of them (you will find out soon) and my way of thinking is simple. My squad last year got me to a UEFA Cup final and 5th place in the Premier League, so no radical changes are really needed to break into the top 4. What I have done is bought 2 big name signings (will not tell you what position), bought in 2 prospective young signings and 1 decent back-up striker on a free.

    I haven't let go of many players this window, only 2 first team players for cash and 1 reserve released. I have got Jose Luis (young winger from season 3) on a loan to Southend, and Kieran Roberts (young winger from season 5) on a loan to Plymouth. I am actively trying to sell one more first teamer, a surprise to you it may seem, but I will let you know if he goes or not.

    Anyway, as for Swansea, I think they have a pretty decent team and definately one capable of staying up. Looking at their relegation rivals though, they do seem to have one of the worst teams in the Premier League. You never know though, QPR weren't that good when we first went up and we still managed 17th (albeit on the last day).

    As for Owen, I grudgingly (as a Man City fan) think that he will be very good for United, especially on a pay-as-you-play contract. I think that he will be more influential than Tevez was for them, because he still is a great finisher. And with a top team like Man Utd who make lots of chances, I feel he will do much better than in a lesser team like Hull or Stoke.

    Regards, Mike

  3. Can't wait for your next post, then!

    Y'know, I should really update my blog soon...
    Maybe when I've finished season 3.

    So, only 5 signings? Interesting; I normally make loads XD
    Perhaps I shouldn't be too transfer-happy!

  4. wow, 5th place, that's nice :) YOU GOT JOE MATTOCK! :D you rocks dude :)i also bought him into my team :D