Sunday, 19 July 2009

Southamton story: 1st season: Transfers and pre-season!

Hello and welcome to my first proper post in charge of Southampton F.C. My employer has postponed all blogs until September, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t keep posting on here! I will just save my posts so I can simply copy and paste when I need to. Anyway, I have been doing a hell of a lot of wheeling and dealing on the game, unfortunately most of them have been with regards to sales, but I have brought in 2 very good players.

As you can see, significantly more players have been sold than brought in, but that’s ok because I had such a large squad to begin with. £475k was made, but most of it went towards servicing the debt (£23m) the other section went towards the wage budget, and with a little fiddling, I have now just £23k for transfers, but with £30k/w leeway for wages. It’s all good! I have been playing in a few friendlies meanwhile, against 6 lower league teams. Needless to say, we crushed them all!

1 goal conceded in 6 matches, with 23 goals scored (an average of 3.8 goals a game), not bad going even for lower league teams! As you can see, my first Championship game is against my old flame, QPR. I don’t want to thrash them because I want them to be promoted, but I don’t want to lose against them because I can’t afford to lose too many games with the Saints. I shall put my best team out, and see what happens. Personally, I am hoping for a draw. Some great performers in there, 1 even getting a rating of 8.03 from 3 games! How consistent can you get! And the goals are mostly spread around, no one getting above 4 goals.

Some great scores there, as you can see. Stephen Appiah being one of the best (still cannot believe we got him!) but loanee Jan-Paul Saeijs romped to the top. A commanding centre back, scoring 4 goals in just 3 games is usually something unheard of. But he managed it, Brilliant player.

Anyway, that’ll be it for this post; next post will be my next 15 competitive results, including of course the QPR result. Take care guys.


  1. it is me again ;-D good luck also u r lucky to get appiah as he is normally rejected on w/p or wont join english teams like southampton also good luck

  2. Nice signings!
    I had Gerard on Trial for ages, but he wasn't too good for me in season1, so it didn't get him.

    Have you tried for Kadlec, Carrasso or Diomandé yet?
    Diomandé will be on the cheap, Kadlec free, and Carrasso cheap, too.

    I wish you all the luck!
    Well done on getting rid of Euell and lengthening Schneiderlin - he becomes leading Prem quality!!

  3. Conor, yes he is. But he is too old and has too big wages.

    George, long time no talk! Yeah I consider myself very lucky to have got him, especially as he is by far the best player in the Championship!

    Liam, Gerard and Appiah have been my best players so far, so yeah I am quite pleased with my signings :) Kadlec rejected me, and Diomande/Carrasso are too expensive (I have £0 transfer budget)

    Ah well.

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  5. You never know, you might be able to get Diomande or Carrasso for free!

    I've got a new post, by the way.
    I'm really catching up with myself at the moment!

    Where'd you get the loanee from? Is he any good?

    Yeah, I deleted my earlier post because I didn't wish to double post, but it looks like I will anyway...