Saturday, 11 July 2009

QPR Story: 6th season: Successful middle

Hello everyone, welcome to the middle section of the 6th season of my QPR story. This one is an unusually long post, so sorry in advance, and bear with me. Without further ado, here are my results:

As you can see, I have had some terrific games, only undermined by 3 disappointing losses in 16 games. As you can see, I am in the 5th round of the FA Cup (against Wolves) and I have qualified for the UEFA Cup group stages, with good wins over AZ Alkmaar and Dundee United putting us top of the table. Speaking of tables, here they are:

Just confirmation of our table topping UEFA Cup exploits. In addition to this, we are a fantastic 4th in the Premier League, but Aston Villa and Man City are hot on our heels as far as that goes. Chelsea are only 5 points ahead of us however, and a good push for third might not be as unlikely as first thought. Anyway, I shall move on to my January ins and outs, with a few surprises in store:


I didn't want to lose either Rafhael or Wijnaldum, but unfortunately I have. My board accepted the £52m bid for the Brazilian and Wijnaldum requested a transfer. I am just happy that I got £62m out of them, especially the £26m profit on Rafhael after only 6 months of service! As replacements, I got Danny Ward from Arsenal on loan. He is a top centre back at just 20 years of age, and was incredibly listed for loan! Even so, I had to pay £1.3m to take him for 6 months, but it will be worth it. Replacing Wijnaldum is a top AMC, Ivan Rakitic. Out of favor at AC Milan, he came to us in search of glory, I hope we can fulfill his wish.

Onto player ratings, and top scorer is surprisingly Keirrison! He has collected 17 goals in 27 appearances, compared to Pato, with 13 in 27. Third is Jack Wilshere with 7 in 29. Top assister is Ashley Young (is it really a surprise?) with 13 in 30 appearances, Franco Zuculini(12 in 32) and Chris Burke (8 in 23) completing the top 3. Top rating goes to Franco Zuculini, with a fantastic 7.37. Second is Jonas Olsson (albeit he only played against Yeovil twice) with 7.35, and third is Antonio Barragan, with 7.32 in 7 appearances. Now I shall move on to my "interesting news" which may come as a shock to you all.

First up, a bombshell. This 6th season will be my last in charge of QPR. Sad, I know, but there is a good reason for this. I have been offered a job blogging for an official Football Manager fansite, and I feel that their readers will not appreciate me starting in my 6th season. This is really exciting for me, so I hope you shall forgive me. I shall of course, still have my blog on here, but I shall switch my team from QPR to another and start a new game. I will set up a shortlist of 5 possible teams, and have them as a poll, which I would really like you to vote on. I can say that QPR will not be one of those teams, as I would like to have a new challenge with a team which doesn't have as much money as them. When I think of the 5 teams, I will put the poll up, and seeing as I will start in about a week, I would appreciate if you vote on it!

That is it for this post, feel free to ask me any questions about it, and I hope you have enjoyed it!


  1. Awww, thats so sad. Where can we find your new blog? Amyway, this was a very good blog and i hope you can finish the league in a very high position and maybe win the UEFA Cup. Thanks Mike, and continiue the great work :)

    Stevie Mitchell

  2. Stevie, you can find the new blog here as well! You think I would abandon my roots and readers? :P
    What I will do is do the blog on the fansite, then copy and paste it onto here, or vice versa. So don't stop reading this one haha.

    Anyway, what team did you vote for?

    Regards, Mike

  3. Thats Good, thank you.

    I voted for Charlton Athletic.

    Can you please comment on my blog aswell please :)

    Stevie Mitchell

  4. Ah interesting choice. Why, may I ask?

    Look at your November post, there is a comment there from yours truly :D

    Regards, Mike.

  5. Well, they were top of the league in my game(not sure if they still are) and wanted to see how you did with them :)

    Thank you for your comment, i will get back to you now :)

    Stevie Mitchell

  6. i vote for luton town a real challenge

    i finished just one point out of the playoffs :((

    i reccomend parent club west ham and loan collison and sears

    sign diego ribiera

    a real good challenge

  7. I thought about Luton, but I think that people would be disinterested because they would not know any of my players. All of the ones in my poll are good challenges because they have high debts, and are contenders for relegation in their respective leagues.

  8. just set up a new blog

    please follow

    ps good luck in your new job

  9. Thats a shame because i was really getting into this QPR career. However, congratulations on this good opportunity for you. I voted for Southampton as they usually get relegated on my careers and they also have financial problems, so it will be a real challenge.

  10. but luton have SAM PARKIN i support luton;)

  11. Anonymous (not conor mc) yeah I was really enjoying it too, but all good things come to an end and all that! I hope you will stick around to follow my next story (it's looking like either Southampton or Hull at the moment) as I will be posting on here as well as the fansite itself.

    conor mc, I will follow your blog, good luck in it. And damn, how could I forget Sam Parkin! Bigger than Ronaldo he is! ;)

  12. mike
    if your on at the min when i prinr screen my transfers i dont get the pic on my post page

  13. well sammy p was released because of his huge 4k per week wages

  14. Well they don't immediately go into the post, you have to paste the printscreen into a program like Word or Picture Manager first, crop it if necessary, then save it. (If you used Word, then copy the image into Paint then save it)

  15. Yeah, any picture file would do. JPEG/GIF it makes no difference really.

  16. Mike, can you reply to me on my blog please :)

    Stevie Mitchell

  17. think ill scrap swansea as i want a team were i no more players

    like you and luton

  18. Oh sorry Stevie, I didn't realise you commented, should really check it more often shouldn't I.

    Yeah conor, that would be good for you haha. Although when I went to QPR I didn't know any players apart from Peter Ramage, so it's not always about knowing them I guess.

  19. Conor, the results of this poll alongside one I did on Football Manager Portal will determine who I will be. At the moment, Southampton is in the lead, but there is still 6 days remaining to vote, so it can all change!

  20. starting new season tonight

    but i am slightly distracted by top gear

  21. GAHH!!!!

    I tried to comment on this a few hours ago, TWICE, but it wouldn't work...
    And the I went on FM XD

    Anywho, slightly sad that this'll be the end, perhaps I now challenge you to get 1st place (evil laugh), it would be a great send-off.

    I'm even sadder that Swansea are rubbish in YOUR game (hints towards my awesomeness - guess what position I'm in in the league!)

    Sad to see your player losses, but Rakitic is immense!

    You say you've been offered a job - so, what website is this, and does it pay?

    After much deliberation, I am gonna vote for Southampton, because their amazing Youth Setup should be beneficial to you in the long run.
    However, I would've liked to see Ipswich, Crystal Palace and, of course, my beloved Swansea.

    I Hope you do continue on this site, or will you just link us to this other website, or link us to a new blogger site. Which will you do?

    Oh, yeah, if you are Southampton, I think you need to get a better back 4 and goalie - although money will be an issue. Johan Carrasso as your goalie, maybe?

    Well, thanks for this blog, mate!



  22. im sorry but i only really no jordi gomez and j scotland and they arent too great in fm

    i dont have any patch as this is my dads laptop and he trusts no one

    (not even me)

  23. possibly scunthorpe or ipswich

    they good???

    whoever any one is u should sign mascio requires large database and italian league media comparison is next pirlo

  24. Liam, don't worry about it, at least you got to comment in the end!

    Yeah I admit, first place would be a fantastic end to what has been one of my best (success and enjoyment-wise) Football Manager games, but it is pretty unlikely to be honest with you! As for Swansea, well seeing as Man Utd are struggling in 10th position and Arsenal have won the league 6 seasons in a row, this game isn't exactly realistic is it haha.

    Rakitic has had a good start, but I am very impressed with loanie Danny Ward, only wish I had got him sooner! As for the job, it is by Total Football Manager, a new FM fansite, and the pay is £15 a month, which is pretty decent for writing a blog isn't it!

    I shall of course, post on here as well, will have to change the name of the blog, but that isn't exactly hard work is it! I can link you to the Total Football Manager website as well if you would like, but as the content will be the same, it doesn't matter that much does it.

    As for Southampton, if indeed I will be them, I have played them before and I think the defence is certainly very suspect. Maybe I can get Ochoa nice and early before he turns into an expensive superstar! I will be looking at Beevers from Sheffield Wednesday whoever I am, as he turns into a top defender in every game I play!

    Thanks for your kind words Liam, but I hope you will enjoy the new blog as much, if not more, as this one!

    Regards, Mike.

  25. Conor, Scunthorpe would be a good challenge, and so would Ipswich (which is why I have them in my poll)

    And thanks for the player suggestions.

  26. yeah beevers is quality part of my old 10th place 3rd season reading side

    board sold marquinhos for 32.5m i didnt want to he was ace

    although he went to league champs arsenal

  27. i willconsider scunthorpe but i dont no any players that would join a league one side (quality for division)


  28. Jermaine Beckford of Leeds, Simon Cox of Swindon, Jason Scotland of Swansea, plus you can get a few loanees from the Premier League clubs.

  29. Not sure mate, but he could go for maybe £2m? If you work some magic with sell-on-clauses or player exchanges, possibly £1m, but I am not sure.

  30. i have narrowed it down to 3
    Crystal Palace

  31. For league One sides, you can always try Vaclav Kadlec! I'm sure most of the Swansea team wouldn't mind joiing you, either (well, minus a few, like Bodde). Look all around loads of different continents, too, always look in different leagues!
    Try a DC called Diomandé, he's young and becomes an Ivory Coast 1st teamer!!

    Wait, I just looked @ TotalFM, but I'm not sure it was the one you mean - link please?
    Also, how did you get this 'Job'?

    I will probably enjoy the next blog more - since I'll be with it from the start!
    If you do go S'hampton, Get Carrasso and Diomandé!

    Oh, by the way, I saw your comment about me on the other person's blog.
    I haven't forgotten about it!! Just busy with School, then Work Experience (which is this week, too), but then it's the Summer Hols! It'll be updated then, I hope.

    Cheers mate,

    PS. Conor, you could try:
    Norwich (if you do, get rid of Lupoli ASAP, he wastes your money)
    Sheff Wed
    Sheff Utd
    AFC Wimbledon?

  32. Liam, here is the link:

    And the blog comment was tongue in cheek, you have 2 seasons to get through! I'm certainly not expecting any updates soon, so don't fret haha. Where are you doing your work experience? I did it at Intel in April, and it was quite good. Anything to get out of school haha.

  33. i have chosen sheff utd

    please tell me the name of the 29 year old french CD for free phillipe christanval ???

    spelling needed

  34. found him but its
    Philippe christanval
    at least i found him

  35. Swindon United..

  36. conor mc football managert12 July 2009 at 22:05

    Mike, I must say, Your blog is AMAZING !

    And so is my grammer.

  37. conor mc football manager12 July 2009 at 22:09

    Who are you?

    Thats my name.

  38. well as you can see mines is the official blogspot account
    with the orange icon next to my name

  39. need some free transfer reccommendations already going for Philippe christanval and gerard

  40. conor mc football manager12 July 2009 at 22:12

    I like oranges.

  41. conor mc football manager12 July 2009 at 22:15

    I brought all Arsenal youth club and Chelsea.

    Do you think I should go for Man Utd's?

  42. Good free transfers:

    Sebastian Abreu - top scorer in my first season with QPR
    Stephen Appiah - great player
    Steven Carr - decent player
    Hatem Trabelsi - decent player
    Mohamed Kallon - again, decent player

  43. i signed abreu in my reading season
    played 4 games in 2 years with no goals because of injury

  44. conor mc football manager12 July 2009 at 22:20

    Do you think I should try with all my money to buy Ronaldo?


  45. although i offered appiah a contract his wage demands are huge 36k pw io offeres 20k pw

    hopefully he'll accept

  46. also only listen to this one the grey icon is jus someone clicking the dropdown menu and using name from the list

  47. Damn grey guy, go away. Conor doesn't like you.

  48. conor mc football manager12 July 2009 at 22:25

    Yo yo yo ma homie, like ma crooked teeth yo?

  49. Sergiy Fedorov for free, he will be good for a season or so. 33 years old though.

    Anyway, i'm off for the day, bye bye.

  50. conor mc football manager12 July 2009 at 22:39

    Me homie, Me sister, Me brother too.

    Me llamo mc connor
    like my shoe
    i'll have a doulbe cheese burger
    make that 2
    fo shizzle my nizzle
    i want some lettuce
    i want some cheese

  51. Can you vote on my poll at the bottom of my page please :) Everyone

    Stevie Mitchell

  52. That grey guy is trés annoying...

    To the REAL Conor MC, try to get Vaclav Kadlec (free), Diomandé (Ivorian CB - Less than 200K), Johan Carrasso (Goalie, Less than 100K).
    Also, go for the ones Mike suggested.

    So, Mike, how did you go about getting your job?
    Did you just fill in teh application?

    Mike - I should be able to do a quick post this week; then a good one next week.
    Work Exp:
    Week1: A Pharmacuiticle company - I was chemically testing drugs
    Week2: Library Asst.


  53. Liam, yeah I just filled in the application form, then posted a link to this blog as a piece of experience, and they really liked it :D

    I shall be looking forward to it then Liam, your post that is!

    Really interesting choice for Work Exp as well, apart from the second week! We only had 1 week and I worked in Intel, where I was building computers and testing them out. It was pretty good, but not something I would like to do in the future.

  54. D'ya think I'd have a chance of getting one of them there jobs? It is on FM10, right?

    I am, too. I bet you're looking forward to your job, though!

    1st week was absolutely brill, and today was quite good, too, actually. Yes, there were more 'boring' bits, but I dealt with customers, and learnt how to do everything really quickly - my supervisor jokingly asked "would you like a job here, Liam?" after seeing my immense skills.

    New post is up!

  55. It's on FM09 originally, but FM10 when it comes out. And I think that unfortunately they are not looking to have any more bloggers, but I will certainly put in a good word for you.

    Haha glad you enjoyed the first week, hope you enjoy this one too.

    Ooh goody, I shall go check that out right away!