Friday, 10 July 2009

QPR Story: 6th season: Slow start

Hello everyone, hope you are well. In my last post, I had just brought in Pato and Rafhael, 2 brilliant Brazilians. But I had also lost the first leg of my UEFA Cup 4th qualifying round tie, to Greek minnows Anorthosi, and faced a real battle to get into the group stages. Or so I thought. Here are my next 18 fixtures of the 6th season:

Some good results there, and some bad results. The first match against Chelsea was awful, along with Ipswich, West Brom and West Ham. The best results were Sunderland (first competitive win), Anorthosi, Reading, Red Star (x2), Dundee Utd and Swansea. Sorry LiamTheWelshman, but I completly crushed your favourite team haha. Anyway, lets see how the table looks:

As you can see, it has been decent, but less than I expected. I really was expecting us to be at least 5th, possibly even 4th, but seeing as we are 1 point away from 5th and just 3 points away from 3rd, I know that a good run of games would see us where I feel we belong; the top 4. As for the UEFA Cup group, we are as good as through, seeing as Red Star have to overturn a goal difference of 15 to put us out. We still have a match against Dundee Utd, who we comfortably beat in the other fixture, so I am almost certain we will finish top of our group. Happy days! Anyway, onto player ratings:

As you can see, there have been some decent ratings, but the thing that got me the most is that Sylvan Ebanks-Blake has been our top performing striker, even though he isn't top scorer! That in itslf shows how badly Pato, Keirrison and Christos Oikonomou performed in the first few games. Anyway, for those who don't want to look through the screenshot, I shall summarise the ratings for you. Top scorer is Pato with a good score of 6 in 14 appearances. Second is Keirrison with 5 goals in 14, and third is a tie between Jack Wilshere, Sokratis Papastathopoulos, Sylvan Ebanks-Blake and Franco Zuculini, all on 4. Top assister is Franco Zuculini, with a very good 7 in 18 appearances. Second is Ashley Young with 6 in 17, and third is Hobbit Bermudez, 5 in 11. Top rating goes to Zuculini (he has been on fire) with 7.43. Sebastian Dupont is second with 7.29 and Hobbit Bermudez is third with 7.25. Interestingly, the bottom 3 ratings include Pato and Keirrison, our top 2 scorers. I don't think I have ever had that sort of situation before!

Anyway, that is it for this post, I will post up another one once I have done another 15-18 games. For now, so long!

PS: Please tell me what you think of the names in bold writing. I am testing it out and want to know if you would want me to continue or not. Cheers.


  1. This has got to be a quick one (I've got to go in, like, a second.), but I'll probably write an essay. XD

    DAMN YOU - 5 nil, well, what could I expect? May I see that match report? I want to see how badly we did - bottom of the table with TEN losses. Crap.

    Also, the Newcastle result was a good one too!

    You'll climb up the table asily - I predict... 3rd for you this season. I'm expecting you to live up to my expectation >:[

    Anywho, I like the bold names - CONTINUE it!!

    Who's your most QPR experienced striker? Play them alongside Pato and Keirrison (too lazy to check the spelling) in seperate matches, to help them adjust!

    Anyway - go to go - bye!!!!

  2. Liam, you did write a mini essay there haha. Hope I didn't make you late!

    Well to be honest, Swansea did play quite well, but your goalkeeper is shambolic to tell the truth. He fumbled 2 from Pato (which crept in) kicked a backpass straight to Keirrison who was 7 yards away and dropped a corner, allowing Papastathopoulos to stab it in. If you buy a new one in January, I see no reason why you can't at least finish something like 18th. I shall try to post up a match report in my next post.

    Well no pressure then Liam! 3rd will be a tough prospect, we are 4th now with 4 really tough games ahead. Once those are over we might be 8th.

    My most experienced striker is Niculae, but I have recieved an offer for him from Stoke, so bye bye Marius! I am a bit ruthless at times, but it's time for him to leave us.

    By the way, I might have some very interesting news to report next time. Not about the game, about me. Make sure you read my next post guys!

  3. Just been reading the whole blog, from the start and i really enjoyed it. Thanks for writing.

    Greetings from Norwegian QPR fan

  4. Greetings, my Norwegian friend! Thank you for the comments, and I hope you will follow the blog in the future.

    Kind regards, Mike.

  5. I was late - fashionably! Don't worry, though, it was just a friend's birthday XD

    Goalkeeper is still DeVries? No, it's that guy from Bolton, isn't it? I sold DeVries to Man U in my game - true story. They had a real Goalkeeper crisis, VanDerSar retired; they sold Foster and Kuzsack (you know who I mean)!

    18th is still relegation >:[

    I predict you will do well, my friend!

    Well, play Niculae until he leaves; it might help.


  6. Liam, yeah a friends birthday is not as important as commenting on my blog eh? Haha.

    Swansea's goalkeeper is Ali Al Habsi, who is truly terrible. With a pretty decent defence in front of him, he has conceded 41 goals in 16 Premier League matches, and 49 goals in 19 matches overall. 1 clean sheet away to Tottenham looks good, but seeing as it was a 0-0 draw in the end, not much help.

    Yeah 18th is still relegation, but I think Al Habsi has ruined it for you this season. Hopefully you can bounce back up again!

    About Niculae, his stats are dropping alarmingly so I put him in the reserve team to get some football. In RESERVE matches he has scored 1 in 15 starts, so I shall definately be shipping him out ASAP.

    And yes, some very interesting news to come, non FM related. I'll reveal all in the next post!

  7. Hey Mike, very interesting results there leaving you high in the league again(not saying its bad or anything :)). Doing well in the UEFA Cup aswell. Can you please look at my blog and tell me if it looks good and things.

    Thanks, Stevie

    P.S this is the link to my blog :)

  8. Great blog Mike

    By the way, Stevie, the anonymous option isn't given on your blog when posting a comment, so some people may not be able to comment

  9. Ok, ill change that now :)

    Stevie Mitchell

  10. Sorry, how do you make that anonymous option on?