Tuesday, 14 July 2009

QPR Story: 6th season: Fantastic end to a fantastic story

Hello and welcome to the FINAL QPR post I will write for you, dear readers. An exciting period of 12 games followed, with ups and downs. But as the title shows, it was a fairytale end to a fairytale story. Take a look at the results:

Cast your eye in particular to the Everton match, and look what competition it was in. Yes that's right, Queens Park Rangers have won the coveted UEFA Cup after agonisingly finishing runner up last season. A few bad results in between those fantastic European games, Athletic Bilbao away wasn't too great, and neither was the Wolves, Arsenal or Man City games. But the better results far outweighed the bad, Athletic Bilbao at home being an amazing result. We had only lost to them 3-2 7 days ago, then we thrashed them 5-0 at our place. Amazingly, 6 days later we had crushed Middlesbrough and Aston Villa by 3 goal margins, all with the same first 11. Zaragoza at home, Bolton at home, Everton (of course) and Liverpool at home were the other excellent results, Liverpool especially for reasons you will see now:

Yes, 4th place and a Champions League spot was won on the very last day. Our loss to Man City had put us on the same points as them, albeit with better goal difference. We knew we had to win the game as soon as Man City went 2-0 up against West Ham in the first 10 minutes. Then Liverpool scored, causing me to angrily thump the table. When 90 minutes were up, I went back to my computer, and stunningly found us 4-1 winners. Sokratis Papastathopoulos scored twice, and Pato scored the other 2. Surprisingly, fringe player Viktor Boudianski assisted all 4 goals, which would have made me really think about playing him more, if I had carried this story on. Anyway, let us move on to the final player ratings for the season:

Some very good performances there, and Franco Zuculini has finally been taken over as best performer by winger Ashley Young. But if you look at his stats, then you can hardly argue with that fact. Anyway, top scorer is Keirrison with 23 goals in 43 starts, better than 1 in 2! Pato is next, with 16 goals in 35 starts, not far off 1 in 2. 3rd is still incredibly Sokratis Papastathopoulos with an absolutely amazing 15 goals in 49 starts. When a central defender is scoring almost 1 in 3, you know he is something special. Anyway, top assister is Ashley Young collecting a magnificent 34 assists. Way behind is Franco Zuculini, still grabbing a very good 14, and 3rd is Sebastian Dupont, with 11. Top rated player is, as mentioned above, Ashley Young with 7.35. Second is Franco Zuculini on 7.34 and 3rd is Sebastian Dupont on 7.26. Top passer is Pato with 80% of his passes reaching their mark. Tied second are Jack Wilshere and Keirrison both of them hitting 77% of their passes to a teammate. And 4th place goes to Christos Oikonomou and Ivan Rakitic having 76% of their passes on target. Anyway, I shall now give you a little treat, the value of all my players, in descending order of course. Enjoy:

As you can see, some very good players there, and mostly all above £2m, which is good. Even better is that half of the players are over £5m, which is tantamount to a VERY good squad of players, and well deserving of a top 4 place.

Before I go, I would like to thank everyone for reading this story to the end, and hopefully your loyalty has been rewarded with this amazing finish to the 6th season. It is looking increasingly likely that Southampton will be the chosen team for my next story, as the polls will close tonight at 10pm. So if you are unhappy with Southampton, get voting! It has been a pleasure writing this story, and I am glad to say that it finished happily ever after.

The End.


  1. shame you finish wen u get champs lege

  2. why did west ham hav points deducted

  3. *cries*

    I, i, i, it's the end of an era!
    AN ERA!!!

    Swansea? Relegated?!

    Well, 4th is very good - just not the 3rd I thought you'd get.
    Nice to see the value of your players - Rakitic @ 20mil+? I may be signing him for around 4mil! Insane!

    I would like to know why West Ham had points deducted - so, why, Mr. Mike?

    It has been more than a pleasure to read this blog - it's been almost a hobby for me in the past few months. I aspire to blog like you one day, Mike, because, well, this blog was, no, IS, amazing.

    The End <--- Lol.

    Thanks for this deeeeee-lightful reading experience!

    Your E-Friend and Aspirer,


  4. Conor, yeah it is a shame, but at least I ended on a high!

    Anonymous + Liam, West Ham overspent their wage budget and went into administration unfortunately. I was sad to see them relegated but oh well, they were only going to scrape through on goal difference anyway!

    Liam, I know, but that only means another era can begin right? And yeah, although it was pretty obvious in my last post ;) They didn't do that badly though, got 20 points, so it's not all bad!

    As for Rakitic, the only reason he is valued that high is because I paid £23m for him. Players are always valued at the price paid for them for a short while.

    And thank you for the kind comments, I shall try to make the next blog even better!

    Regards, Mike.

  5. Well done Mike. Congrats on a great ending to a great blog. Hope you can keep it up on the new one that starts soon :) See you later m8

    Stevie Mitchell

  6. good blog man, hope you're next one is just as good XD

  7. i must watch then cus i tend to be in the negative wagebudget and at sheff utd im losing about 1mil per month

  8. any right backs to reccommend in first season january
    keep in mind i only have 1 mil.
    i would be willing to pay a 1 mil loan fee.
    man utd is my parent club alongside feyenoord so is rafael or any feyenoord rb good enough for championship in first season

  9. So, Mike, when does it start?
    'Cos, if it's after 7pm tonight I won't be in - gonna see HARRY POTTER!

    Well, I wish you luck with Southampton!

    Conor -
    I commented on your blog - a response to your question.

  10. Liam, some bad news.

    I am not allowed to post the blog on here as well unfortunately, so I am going to take a big risk in keeping it on here. The post will appear here 1 day after it comes out on the website, which I will link you to on either your blog, or comment on my last post. I have written the introduction, and it will publish later on today. This means that you shall see it tomorrow on here, but of course I will link you to the actual site.

    And thanks for the good luck! :)

  11. Wait, what???

    I didn't quite understand what you said.

    Are you just gonna link us to it?

    'Cos I'm fine with that, as long as you don't get into trouble doing it.

  12. I am not officially allowed to keep the Southampton blog on here. But for you and my readers, I will.

    No I will put the proper posts, and if I get caught, I could lose my job, but oh well. I want to keep posting on here.

  13. Don't risk it, we don't mind if we view the blog on a different web page

  14. I shall risk it don't worry, I have worked hard on this blog and I intend to carry this on here.

    By the way first post is up on the alternate site: