Friday, 17 July 2009

Southamton story: My second team in FM09!

Hello, and welcome to the beginning of my Southampton story. A great club once, but now are teetering on the brink of relegation to the 3rd tier of English Football, known as League 1. I aim to stop them from being relegated, and hopefully get them back to where they belong; the Premier League.

Southampton is in great financial trouble, £23m in debt to be precise. No transfer money has been given to me, regardless of my expectations, and the wage budget was not flexible, so I picked “Mid-table finish” for my expectation.

Thankfully, we have a massive squad, which means that I can easily get rid of a lot of players without feeling the strain. The number is too large to fit into 1 screenshot, so I have to take 2, just to get my first team squad in.

As you can see, I have a lot of players (29 without the ones on loan), and quite a few big salaries to play around with. By play around, I mean sell by the way! At the moment, I do not know who I will get rid of and who I won’t, but I will know pretty soon!

Southampton is predicted to come 19th unfortunately, which shows me how much work I have to do. A lot of wheeling and dealing will have to be made, and I have never experienced a situation like this before, but I will have to give it my all and hope I made the right decisions.

That is it for the introduction; first post will be about transfers and friendly matches. Take care!


  1. ALAS!

    You're not gonna get into trouble for this - are you?

    Get rid of Euell - he's utter rubiish!
    And, whatever you do, KEEP HOLD OF SCHNEIDERLIN - He's utter quality!

    Check out Carrasso and Diomandé!
    (New post on mine!)

  2. Don't worry, we are getting a new website in September so I am free to post on here for the time being. After that though, I will still post. No fear right!

    Yeah Euell has been sold, 10k a week wages! Schneiderlin has secured a 5 year contract on LOWER wages than he had before! I also got loads of other players on lower contracts, which left me room to fiddle around with the budget. But more on that soon.

  3. Good luck mate, will be following with interest =)