Friday, 17 April 2009

QPR Story: 2nd season: Disaster start!

Hello all, hope you are well. Well after achieving promotion to the Premier League, I had high hopes for the season after some good buys (I thought), but I also knew that we would not finish mid table as I put on the board expectation. Little did I know it would be so, so much worse than not being in mid table. Take a look at our results:

Disgraceful, I know. With 5 points on the board from 11 games, it certainly isnt shaping up to be a wonderous season. Good win over Hull, but the other results were all rubbish. We destroyed Fulham and Wolves so should have had 9 points instead of 5, which would have taken us out of the relegation places, but its our own fault that we didnt take our chances. Key injuries to Mike Aram (Brian Harrison), Jonas Olsson, Matthew Connolly and Edu didnt help much either, but hey. We just have to deal with it. Now on to the league table, and unsurprisingly, we are bottom:

It is not all bad, a couple of wins on the bounce and we are out of the drop zone, but the question is actually getting those wins. Where are they going to come from? Our players have lost confidence in me, they are definately not playing to their potential, strikers arent scoring, signings have been bad, players are injured. The bad news never stops. Well, I guess I shall give you some statistics. Top scorer has been Kevin Doyle, with 6 goals in 11 games, with 4 players on 2. Top assists goes to 5 players, tied on 2 and highest rating goes to Doyle with 7.01, and only 4 players out of 18 actually getting 7 or over (3 on 7.00). I just hope my injuries cease soon, otherwise we could be going down very soon. I do not want to get sacked this time! (other games)

Well, I guess wish me luck for the rest of the season. I hope to God I can turn this around!

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