Friday, 17 April 2009

QPR Story: Season 2 transfers

Hello hello, and welcome to the second season of my QPR story. After a brilliant first season, clinching promotion as well as the semi final of the League Cup, I was ready to make my squad Premier League standard. This was a problem, as we did not have a very good squad and only got promotion via the play offs. I knew that I needed a mass clearout to get some cash to spend, and also free up our wage budget. These are the players that I sold:

As you can see, 9 of my first team squad were sold to the highest bidder, these were the players who just wern't up to Premier League standard. I kept players like Lee Camp, Martin Taylor, Peter Ramage and Sebastian Abreu even though they were all Championship standard (according to my coaches). This is because I think that they'll be good back up. The board gave me £18m to spend on new transfers for finishing in mid table. The only reason I chose this option was because avoid relegation gave me only £11m which I couldn't accept. Anyway, coupled with the £4.6m that I got from outs, I had a healthy £22.6m to spend on at least 8 players. Now this player of Southamptons, Brian Harrison, was so good that I decided to buy him. But for the first time ever, I used FM Modifier to change his name. Now he is my namesake! Here are my ins for season 2:

As I said, Brian Harrison is now Mike Aram, purely because I am quite egotistic ;) Other bargain buys include Jonas Olsson, the left back from West Brom, Edu, the midfielder from Valencia, and Jack Wilshere from Arsenal. He is going to be one of the best in the game! Steve Harper is a good solid goalkeeper, Etienne Didot is a great defensive midfielder, Nacer Barazite is an awesome attacking midfielder and Chris Burke is a solid AMR. I am happy with my buys for our season in the Premier League, because they all are Premier League standard. The only worry I have is how threadbare my squad is. I only have 18 first team players, so I shall try and get some on loan in January. Or for free right now, but that would be hard to find good free players fit for the Premier League. Anyway, wish me luck with the results, and the injuries!


  1. good blog lad i am startin my 3rd season as QPR Manager this year finished 17th last season and got prometed via playoffs the year before.Have some gud players aswell in the Team
    McGreogar (Rangers)
    O Dea (Celtic)
    S.Taylor (Newcastle)
    L.Nytanga (Derby)
    S.kelly (Birningham)
    E.Benega (Valencia)
    S.Downing (Boro)
    K.Nolan (Bolton)
    O.Garvan (ipswich)
    P.Crouch (Porsmouth)
    K.Doyle (Reading)

    So I Have a good team put together hope the third season will be better then last season especially as i havnt brought tat much players in this Year.Aswell as that im the Manager of the Poland National Team so intresting year ahead.

  2. Oh really? That means we are almost exactly in the same boat then! Promoted via playoffs first season, 17th by one point second season, currently 14th in the last game of 3rd season. Players obviously are different (except from Doyle and Crouch!!) I would love to have Taylor, Nolan and Banega in my team though. And I was Cameroon manager as well before!

    Great minds think alike eh?