Wednesday, 29 April 2009

QPR Story: 3rd season: Predictable ending!

Hello everyone, welcome to the last post of the 3rd season. Now at the end of my last post, I was 14th in the league, and hoping to maybe have a strong finish to clinch 12th. I am sorry to say that that has failed, but instead I have still done quite well! Here are the final results for the end of the 3rd season:

As you can see, they are pretty decent, a few wins here and there and quite a few draws. Only 4 losses in 13 games which I am pretty pleased with. In particular, the first 3 fixtures against Everton, Ipswich and Hull were terrific, winning by 3 goals or more. Disappointments were few and far between, but I wasn't too happy with the Middlesbrough, West Brom and Blackburn games as we could have so easily won all 3 and propelled us further up the table. Speaking of tables...

Now this was a credible finish, and one which I aim to improve upon next season. A comfortable 4 point lead over Middlesbrough in 15th and 4 points away from Everton in 13th, means we have basically made 14th spot our own! We haven't moved from there I believe since February or so which is quite interesting. A very very interesting fact which this table does NOT tell you is that we have made it into the UEFA Cup due to our fair play!! We play minnows Port Talbot in the first qualifying round, and we should record a very easy win there. Nevertheless, I shall field a strong side for every game (except if we take an unassailable lead in the first leg) and will not devalue the UEFA Cup. Despite this, due to our weak squad, I doubt that we will even make it into the group stages but oh well. We will do better when we qualify for it through the league position.
Anyway, quickly onto player ratings, and I have a lot to cover. Top scorers are Mike Aram (15), Peter Crouch (13) and Kevin Doyle (12). Special mention goes out to January signing Marius Niculae who grabbed 5 goals in 12 games since coming here. Assists are a little more one sided, Chris Burke grabbing an amazing 21 assists to come first. A long way back, Hobbit Bermudez is second with 10, and Kevin Doyle rounds off the top 3 with 8. Special mention goes out to another January signing Antonio Barragan, who grabbed 3 assists and a goal in 15 appearances. Top stuff. Now, highest rated players. Top is another January signing Francisco Guillhermo Ochoa, who got a terrific 7.26 in just 17 games, with Etienne Didot and Chris Burke completing the top 3 with scores of 7.24 and 7.22 respectively.
Anyways, I shall hopefully be quite busy in the transfer market preparing my squad for the UEFA Cup campaign as well as trying to make us a good Premier League side. My aim for next season is a solid 10th place finish, and hopefully an appearance in the group stages of the UEFA Cup. Until next time, good bye!


  1. Hi how do you change the names of your players to a different name

  2. Well you can use FM Modifier 3.0 or FM Scout I believe. I used Modifier to change Brian Harrison into our very own Mike Aram (my real name)so I can vouch for its reliability.

  3. hey well done mike you should be proud thanks for your email and my fave songs are

    clocks- a rush of blood to the head (coldplay)
    viva la vida- viva la vida (coldplay)
    oh my god- employment (kaiser chiefs)
    every day i love you less and less- employment (Kaiser chiefs) and a lot more

  4. Thanks George!

    I must admit I haven't listened to the Employment album as much as "Yours Truly Angry Mob" but I do love Oh My God. Viva La Vida is probably one of my least favourite songs by Coldplay though, certainly not the one I would choose to be their only UK number 1.

    Also, have a listen to some Red Hot Chili Peppers, their more mellow songs fit right in with Coldplay and the Kaisers.

    Regards, Mike.