Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Results of my poll

Hey everyone, this is just a recap of my poll results. The poll question was "What team should I manage at the start of the 4th season?" and the options were:

Stay at QPR
Go to a different Premier League team
Go to a La Liga team
Go to a Serie A team

and here are the results:

Stay at QPR: 12 votes - 52%
Premier League team - 9 votes - 39%
Serie A team: 1 vote - 4%
La Liga team: 1 vote - 4%

So I shall stay on at QPR for another 1 or 2 seasons at least, then I shall release the poll again. Until then, I shall strive to progress with QPR and keep my best players (see previous post). New post coming up soon!

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