Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Queens Park Rangers Story: November

October was over, we were 5th in the league, and I had high hopes for this month. We had a collosal 7 games in November, including the 4th round of the League Cup, away to Sheffield United. We had lost against them 2-0 last month so I wasn't feeling too confident about progressing, but I wasn't going to try and get a 0-0 draw to take it onto penalties! Now I should warn you, November was frankly a terrible month, with only 1 positive to take out of it. See for yourself:

Queens Park Rangers 2-2 Watford (CCC)
Blackpool 4-0 Queens Park Rangers (CCC)
Sheffield United 1-5 Queens Park Rangers (LC)
Queens Park Rangers 1-2 Derby County (CCC)
Queens Park Rangers 0-1 Sheffield Wednsday (CCC)
Doncaster 1-0 Queens Park Rangers (CCC)
Reading 3-1 Queens Park Rangers (CCC)

As you can see, it was a disastrous month. Out of 6 league games, 1 draw and 5 losses, worst ones being Blackpool (obvious reasons), Derby (we completly destroyed them!!), and Reading (we didnt do anything of note; our goal was an own goal). But a complete contrast, a magnificent 5-1 win over Sheffield United, and in their ground too! This was the same ground we had lost 2-0 less than 2 weeks before! Kevin Doyle looked brilliant, getting 2 goals and assisting Buzsaki twice too. This only made the next few results worse, seeing how good we can be, and just not living up to our potential in the rest of the month. By the end of November we were 11th, not bad but not good either. This was in the top half of the Championship (24 teams), so my board were satisfied, but I was contemplating resigning because of rubbish performances from most of my players, not least Kevin Doyle. In my other games he is always top scorer in the Championship at the end of the first season, but in this one he has a pathetic 5 in 18 games, 13 less than the brilliant Brian Harrison (mentioned in October post). But a mild reprieve from Doyle's bad performances is the even worse performances from the striker sold to generate money for Doyle, Angelo Balanta. He has scored 1 goal in 11 games, 7 of which he had started. Maybe we can get him back on loan!

Anyway, wish me luck for December! Coming up soon.

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