Thursday, 16 April 2009

Queens Park Rangers Story: April

As April descended upon us, we were 5th place in the league, and hoping to make a late charge for 3rd place. You may ask why, as 3-6 is all playoffs anyway so why bother going all out for 3rd place? The answer, money. You recieve quite a bit more cash for finishing 3rd than 4-6th. Anyway, April had 5 fixtures in store for us, so I shall get cracking and give you our results:

Queens Park Rangers 2-0 Blackpool (Championship)
Derby County 2-3 Queens Park Rangers (Championship)
Queens Park Rangers 0-0 Reading (Championship)
Plymouth Argyle 1-2 Queens Park Rangers (Championship)
Queens Park Rangers 2-2 Wolverhampton (Championship)

Now this is a much better month than it looks, even though we picked up the same amount of points in March. Great draws with Champions Reading and 2nd place Wolves (they overtook Southampton after the Derby County game), coupled with impressive wins over Blackpool, Derby and Plymouth not only extended our unbeaten run to 17, it pushed us up to 4th place in the league, only 1 point away from 3rd place Southampton, and only 2 points away from 2nd place (automatic promotion) Wolves! We had played 45 games, and now if results came our way, not only could we finish 3rd, we could even clinch automatic promotion! This worried me slightly, as I knew our squad was not cut out for the Premier League, but of course I am going to try and get us promoted.

Anyway, onto our performers. Sebastian Abreu was top scorer (again), but with only 2 goals in 5 appearances! So we had 7 players on 1 goal, which was good if slightly worrying; we cant get goals from all over in the Premier League! Top assister was Daniel Parejo, setting up 5 out of our 9 goals. The other 4 were shared for 3 players, Hobbit Bermudez getting 2. Glauber Berti was top performer overall, an impressive 7.47 for April, with Abreu grabbing 7.24. And as we are close to the end of the season, I can say that Abreu and Kevin Doyle are in the Championship top scorers chart, Abreu 2nd with 22 goals, and Kevin Doyle 9th with 15. There is still one game to change this but a fact is that Abreu cannot get to 1st, Brian Harrison topping the leaderboard with 33! It would obviously take something special for Abreu to catch up!

That's it for April, an exciting May coming up soon!

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