Thursday, 23 April 2009

QPR Story: 3rd season: Summer transfers!

Hello all, hope you are well. Now, in my last QPR post, I had just fought off relegation by a single point, and I was looking to strengthen my squad a bit for the next season. Unfortunately, the board only gave me £10m to spend for "Avoid Relegation." I chose this because last time I picked "Mid Table Finish" I ended up disappointing my board by only finishing 17th and almost got sacked. I set an aim to get 1 classy striker in (Sebastian Abreu is too old and contract ran out), a top class goalkeeper (Lee Camp to be sold and Steve Harper getting too old and not good enough), and possibly a D RC, for cover. Here are my ins for the summer of 2010:

After fiddling around with the budgets, I got myself an extra £9m through depleting our wage budget. It was still fully in control, £128k under budget. Coupling this with player sales, we had £20.3m to spend, and I tried to spend them as well as possible. Viktor Boudianski is a good midfielder, and he has decent stats which his price tag doesn't show. At 26, he still has a good few years left in him, and hopefully he can be a good squad player for us. Peter Crouch is an excellent striker, bought from recently relegated Portsmouth for £9.75m. He has very good attributes, and I am sure that he can become a great player for us. Bogdan Lobont is a lot better than our next best goalkeeper Steve Harper, but at 32, he is a short term solution to the goalkeeping problem. Still, he is a very very good keeper, and hopefully he can continue his best form for 2-3 years. And at £2.6m he is a bargain signing! Finally, Gary Caldwell is my last signing of this window, a reliable D RC who can displace either Jonas Olsson (bad first season), Glauber (still great but Caldwell is better) or our right back Peter Ramage. I think I shall use him as a right back who can fill in for CB and DMC if necessary. Ramage shall be a rotation player. Moving on, here are my outs for the summer of 2010:

I didn't make any whole sale changes, I was happy with my squad mostly, and only needed a few top quality players to improve it. I got rid of Michel Salgado, because he was too old, Martin Taylor, because he wanted to leave, Romone Rose, because he is an awful player, Lee Camp, because he wanted to leave, and Sebastian Abreu, because he was too old, and not good enough. Our squad's average age is now just 23, and after January, I aim to make it even less by selling off Steve Harper (35) and Edu (32). These players are good, but I aim to cash in on them before their value drops too much.
Anyway, that's it for now, check back soon to see the start of my 3rd season. Can I stay up with games to spare this time? Or will I have to go through that rollercoaster of staying up on the last day again? Or even will I get relegated? Come back soon to find out!


  1. cool blog mate where do you get this blog lay out? also you can't stop on QPR

  2. This template is the "Minima Lefty Stretch" layout, and I just fiddled with the colours while on customise.

    And on the QPR thing, they seem to not offer me much money (£10m is not much to move into a mid table side) and I doubt that I can keep my strict wage regime of no one over £15k a week much longer. But your vote obviously matters a lot to me, and QPR are in the lead so far!

  3. i agree u can stop now n mike do u have msn or hotmail so i can contact u over fm coz i love the game n wattactic did u use for ur 1st season or for lik all ur seasons ive jus goin thru the start of ur blog