Saturday, 25 April 2009

QPR Story: 3rd season: Good start!

Hello everyone, hope you are well. As you know, I am considering whether to stay at QPR beyond this season, but as the poll shows, you want me to stay. That is fine, as hopefully the board will give me more money if I do. Anyway, i'll move swiftly on to the start of the 3rd seasons results:

As you can see, a big improvement on last seasons start, but still improvements to be made. Terrible last minute losses against Arsenal, Sunderland and Stoke undermined the brilliant wins against West Ham, Everton and Middlesbrough. Wigan, Hull and Ipswich were all disappointing results, because we consider all those teams our equal, and could only gain 2 points from the 3 games. Ipswich at home was particularly demoralising. But it still left us with 8 points more than last season at the same stage, with 14 points from 12 (last season it was 6 from 12) and we were sitting proudly in 13th. Take a look:

1 point away from 11th, and things are looking rosy so far. The only problem is that we have faced every team below us already, and we have some hard games coming up. We have yet to play Chelsea, Man City, Tottenham, Liverpool, Blackburn (in the league), Newcastle and West Brom. For those we will have to up our game, with only Newcastle and West Brom being truly winnable games in my opinion. We had a good win over Blackburn last season, but this season's 4-0 crushing in the League Cup tells me that we will lose that game. A good result over Tottenham could happen, but it is unlikely to say the least, and I don't think we have any chance of winning the other games. So we could face an alarming slide down the table from now until January (it is the 20th of November). And with Reading, Ipswich and Stoke all being played at home, it is going to be tough to pick up many points from now until the end of the season. I just have to hope that my players play to their best...
Anyway, onto player ratings. Kevin Doyle is the top goalscorer, with 8 from 10 games, Peter Crouch not far behind with 7 from 12. Mike Aram is coming strongly though, with 4 goals from 4 games (he was injured in pre-season). Top assisters are Hobbit Bermudez with 6, Chris Burke with 5 and Doyle again with 4. Hobbit is really turning into a fantastic winger, and a key part of my team. Now the best rated player is obviously the in-form Kevin Doyle, with a great 7.50, Mike Aram second on 7.35, and Chris Burke on 7.27. A special mention goes out to young wonderkid Franco Zuculini, collecting a great 7.21, which shows that he is starting to realise his potential. With star DMC Etienne Didot wanting to leave, could Franco be a suitable replacement for him immediately? We shall see, I shall have to play him some more.
On that note, I say good bye for now, don't forget to vote in the poll, and until next time, adios!

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